Video Testimonials:

“I have learned from Darlene that effective daily exercise consists of more than just coming to the gym and jumping on an elliptical machine. You get out what you put in and TRX with Darlene is an extremely challenging workout. She pushes you beyond your limits and you become noticeably stronger week by week. If you are looking for results fast, I recommend taking the TRX challenge to take you to the next level.”

Bobbie V.
Europe Night Club

“I get a better workout in boot camp than when I workout myself. I don’t push myself to do as much and I don’t workout as long when I work out by myself. I did my first 5K this year. Having never been a ‘runner’, this is a huge accomplishment. My goal is to improve my time in future 5Ks.”

Cathy A.
Sr. Business Systems Analyst

• I love bootcamp–the benefits of a personal training session with the camaraderie of other women.
• Darlene is awesome because she is really supportive and encouraging…and she also has a great sense of humor
• Darlene’s boot camp’s are a perfect mix– really challenging workout that leaves you smiling and feeling good about yourself
• While it is hard to get up so early, it is great to have your exercise over and done with for the day–energized for the whole day
• Working with Darlene has really strengthened my core…my lower back is much stronger and my abdominal muscles have bounced back after three big babies!

Ann M. – Author

Here are some of the ways that I have benefited from boot camp, TRX, and personal training:
1. I like to be pushed. I would not push myself as hard as Darlene pushes me, nor would I have the faith in myself to have the strength that I have discovered I have. Darlene has showed me that I can do physical things that I wouldn’t have even tried on my own.
2. I like working with a small group. Again, I push myself more when I am working with other people.
3. I like the accountability of having to show up three mornings a week because I have paid for it, and people are expecting that I will be there.
4. I like not having to come up with a workout on my own. It is nice to have someone tell me what to do and know that I will get great variety and an outstanding workout.
5. Since my first bootcamp assessment I have cut more than 3 minutes off my mile.
6. Darlene is creative. We rarely do the same workout twice.
7. Darlene is excited about what she does, she has great energy, and she encourages people and makes people feel capable. She has had all fitness levels in her boot camp and personal training and she is good about ensuring that all needs are met. She never makes people feel less capable even if they are deconditioned.

Erin G.
Washington University

“When I first started working with Darlene in Boot Camp I was afraid she would kick me out, I was so out of
shape. The only exercise I did before working w D was walking my dog, so the only muscle strength I had was in my legs. I could barely do a push up and could only walk on the treadmill. I have been in Darlene’s programs 5 months out of the last 11, and I have lost inches and gained strength and endurance. I can actually run 2 miles or more! I have developed core body strength. My belly fat has been
reduced and I dropped a pant size. But the best is I feel better and have increased confidence and energy. This affects all areas of my life..

Rebecca O.
Independent Distributor

After 6 months of dragging myself out of bed a maximum of 3 mornings per week for a light workout that barely caused a sweat, I gained an extra 12 pounds and noticed my nice firm areas turning soft. That’s when I found Darlene at All N 1 Fitness. I started with Boot Camp Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning. This hour long class got me up and motivated to start the day right. The Diet and Nutrition schedule helped me get my eating habits under control without feeling hungry. Darlene printed out a menu plan customized with my food preferences, and a shopping list to make it easy. After one month of that class, I lost 5 lbs and found myself back to the fitness level I was at 6 months prior! For anyone joining a gym for the first time I highly recommend the Jump Start package. I was fortunate to be able to spend 4, 1 hour sessions with Darlene showing me the ropes. She showed me how to use the equipment showed me some great exercises and pushed me to the max! Without the Jump Start package I am sure I would’ve been one of the many that pay for a gym membership they never use! After one month of Boot Camp I switched to Darlene’s TRX class 3 mornings a week. This class helped to build strength in every area. I saw some huge results in a very short time. After one month I lost my second 5lbs for a total of 10 and slipped on my “skinny jeans”! I saw such great results that I stuck with the class and after just 2 more weeks purchased the smallest size pants I have ever worn in my adult life! Thanks Darlene!

Caterina G.
Mother of Two